Teachers & Team

LarsEbert.de 1903_XH1_3054LYDIA MÜLLER – CT Teacher

Lydia’s work is about connection. Dancing in connection with each other we connect deeper within ourselves. Lydia’s fascination is to combine Tango, Contact improvisation and Contemporary dance to create a new dance which speaks from within the heart, expressing through the body and expanding into endless creativity and deep connection. Using principals of Contact Improvisation to flow and trust in dance, energetical connection of tango and free dance expression of Contemporary dance Lydia is offering a great fusion of expressing yourself who you really are.  www.lydiaconnection.com



started to dance Tango when I was 19 years old, I was fascinated with this dance and the possibilities from the improvisation in Tango. I was inspired and curios in every kind of dance technic and movement expression. Trying different contemporary dance, I met Andrea Fernandez, who introduce my the C.I. in Buenos Aires in “El Galpon del Sol”  at this moment didn´t exist “Contactango” but I was already trying to combine and discover all the beautiful elements that both dances are sharingI am happy, that today there is the Contact Tango festivals. Where i keep discovering the combination from both dances and the possibility to explore and share this with other people.

car y franCARMEN HERGOS – Tango Teacher

A Mexican Dancer and Teacher based in Barcelona, who has been working for more than twelve years on the investigation of a more natural and inclusive tango, with more possibilities for communication in the dance couple and also in the tango community. She writes, reflects and teaches the dance from the understanding of both roles, and also from a place without a role, to enhance the connection with the music and the act of dancing as a celebration of life. In Barcelona she works actively in her own collective: Tango Natural, and in the organization of the Glorieta’s milonga, The Collective of Tango at “La Base” and the Notariat’s milonga, all of them.



Contact Improvisation dancer. Actress (National University of Arts, Arg. UNA 2004) Director, coach (actors, dancers, scenic violence) Master of Taekwondo and Aikido practionner. She has been studying and specializing in CI, with different teachers, and has developed a personal vision of CI. She complements her work with other techniques, such as Yoga, Reiki and somatic techniques, finding a way for her passion for the function of the body-mind. She is an active promoter of CI, teaching classes for adults since 2008 and since 2012 in the integration of adults and children, organizing different events (jams, Family jam, Global Underscore, international workshops). In 2014 she opened ENEstudio Barcelona (enestudio.info) dedicated to the development of CI and since 2018 she manages a virtual archive of Contact Improvisation in Spanish (contactimprovisacion.org)  www.natividadinsua.com

The workshop: In Space Tridimensionality

One of the Contact Improvisation aspects I’m particularly attracted to/interested in is the opportunity to travel free through all dimensions of space. In these Collage sessions, I would like to share that experience. We’ll work on the variety of options and tools to shift in between levels, and on the different supports helping to land and take off from the ground and partners. We’ll explore the body organization, so that movements remain efficient and healthy for everyone. This way we’ll dance alone and together, sharing all the axis that allow moving effortlessly and offer more freedom to the improvisation.


SAMUEL LETELLIER – Feldenkrais Teacher

The Feldenkrais Method is a tool for self-awareness through movement. We propose a series of gentle movements that are not a goal in themselves, but help to understand their own habits and improve the quality of their way of acting. A place where we gradually refine our self-awareness, question our organisation and find new possibilities to move. In this context of the festival, Samuel comes with two distinct proposals. One is to give group classes at the first hour of the day, before breakfast… a space of exploration where each one does his reset… Start the day by asking yourself, how am I? what do I feel about myself? how do I orient myself in my own learning process? what can I learn from myself on this day that begins? Place yourself in your body and in your moment, your life… the contents will be designed to link what you go through during the day. In another place, Samuel proposes, next to all these group activities and many in couple, to open an open space all day where you can enjoy the Feldenkrais method but in a more personalized way and on a stretcher.  A space of intimacy where the movement is guided in a very subtle way by the hands…



He play with different languages, dance, music, linguistics and martial arts, to investigate and develop a vision of tango, using play and imagination as a connector of these disciplines and as a learning method. From the martial arts he takes the mechanics of movement (technique); from linguistics, the cognitive tools to understand dance as a system (analysis); and from music, the emotional sense to play with the interpretative possibilities (application). During the last twenty years, Felipe performed in festivals and teached to dance tango, piano and creative writing all around Europe, Russia, the United States and Argentina. He started learning music at the age of seven and dancing tango with eleven years old. He got an Instructor Degree in Taekwondo ITF, studied Spanish Filology at UNED, music composition at UCA, piano with the renowed tango composer Virgilio Expósito, and tango danza with several teachers and schools of different styles.  https://www.playtango.net/



DJ, dancer and organizer of milongas with live
music for more than a decade, David plays his own set in Barcelona and is a guest in many Tango events in Europe (Naples, Paris, Amsterdam, Torino, Toulouse, Bergen, Tarbes) and Argentina (Rosario). Always faithful to traditional Tango, he offers an alternative choice of music which opens the dance to new spaces. Dancer of Contact-Impro since 2001, he loves to organize Jams and Contact’s events.

Sergio Grispello Mà Cusine BCN

SERGIO GRISPELLO/ Má Cuisine –  Chef

He will provide us of vegetarian and delicious lunchs and dinners to nourish our dances.

Má Cusine is a project specially dedicated to the creation of caterings for events related with dance, yoga, music, theatre and scenic arts.
Specialized in Mediterranean and market cuisine, as well as vegetarian and vegan cuisine, Italian, Iberian and North African.
Always putting the focus on the taste, to the quality of the products and in the energetic balance of the food. https://www.macuisinebcn.com/ma-cuisine-cat



Collage was born in 2017 from the hug of LEILANI WEIS and EVA YUFRA. Comes from the need of new places for researching ContacTango and disciplines that support it.